Tax audits are an important instrument used by tax authorities to carry out their fiscal control obligations. It is usually impossible to predict when a company will be audited. However, business owners often realize that the tax authorities are intending to carry out an audit if the current tax assessment notices are described as being subject to review.

Special audits are carried out at short notice if there is a specific need for an audit (e.g. the VAT inspection of certain transactions and VAT inspection). This also includes the external audit of employee income tax.

Large and group companies are virtually permanently inspected in accordance with statutory provisions. Company audits are less likely the smaller the company. However, this is not a generally valid assumption. Audits are often carried out in a company’s early years.

Our team would be happy to support, accompany and represent you in all business tax audits and any resulting negotiations with the tax authorities. We have many years of experience and a high level of expertise in this field so that we can obtain the most favourable outcome for you.

  • Using the tax burden as a competitive advantage
  • Tax consequences of the chosen legal form
  • Comparison of effective tax burden
  • Analysis and specific targeted recommendations for action
  • Utilisation of structural options permitted by law